Resume Reconstruction

Here at SCCG, we work with clients to utilize their education, their skillset, & their past contributions to previous organizations to determine their desired position.

The strategy that we implement within our resume building process provides clients with resumes that are tailed made to make them the perfect fit for the desired positions of their choice.

Interview Preparation

With out Interview Prep package, we coach our clients on how to ace interview questions using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results) technique as we provide important interview optimization information that addresses how to conduct a successful interview.

For technical positions, our package includes a list of technologies as well as a list of technical questions & answers that correspond with the desired position.

Salary Negotiation

SCCG shows clients how to determine the market rate of their desired position, how to address questions pertaining to previous and current salary, how to counter offers with compensation structures outside of base salary (i.e PTO, performance bonuses, stock options, etc.).

We advise our clients on the common mistakes that are made with salary negotiations, how to avoid them, and how to leverage the value of their expertise during the negotiation.